What are Forces?​

Forces are spells that can either be used for offense or support. They can alter the abilities and the environment of oneself or others.


There are a total of six Force Classes: Holy, Dark, Fire, Aqua, Terra, and Wind. Each class is split into Basic, Expert, Elite, and Master Forces.

Using Forces​


Your character needs to be equipped with Forces in order to use them. You can buy Basic and Expert Force reavers from the “FORCE” NPC at your race’s HQ. Monsters will sometimes drop Force reavers as well. You can also gain more types of Force after being class promoted.

Open the Force window by pressing “F” or “CTRL + F”. Drag the Force reavers from your character’s inventory into the Force window. Afterwards, you may drag the Forces from the Force window and load it onto your shortcut belt. Left -click on a target (monster, opponents, members from your own race, etc). Right click on the Force you wish to use from the Force window to use it.

To use Buffs on yourself, simply double-right-click the Force from your belt.


You can level up each force by letting your character use them. The higher your Force level, the stronger your Force. You can level up each force to a maximum of level 7, also known as the Grand Master (GM) level.

The percentage shown below shows how far the Force is away from leveling up.

You can start using Expert Forces after increasing your Beginner Forces to at 30 PT. Elite Forces can be used after both your Beginner and Expert Forces reach 50 PT.



Holy – Mostly consists of Buffs
Fire – Consists of the most aggressive offense Forces
Aqua – Mostly consists of offensive and Debuff Forces
Terra – Mostly consists of Forces that can damage multiple opponents at once.
Wind – Consists of a variety of Force types
Dark – Consist of Buffs

Note: Bellatians cannot sue Dark Forces, and Corites cannot use Holy Forces. Accretians, on the other hand, cannot use any type of Forces whatsoever.


Force TypeDescription
Single AttackAttacks only your target
Slash AttackAttacks your target and other opponents behind it
Close Range DamageAttacks all opponents around you
Long Range DamageAttacks your target and all other oppenents near it
DebuffHinders opponent
BuffSupports target (gives support to yourself and your race)